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The Swirl Margarita

A Perfect Combination

The issue is understandable: Do you choose the refreshing flavor of an Uncle Julio’s margarita, or the delicious taste of the restaurant’s hand-made frozen sangria?  Years ago, one Uncle Julio’s guest simply didn’t want to have to go without one or the other, so the customer ordered both — in one glass — at the Uncle Julio’s on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. In that restaurant, on that day, a legend was born.

The Swirl is a unique Uncle Julio’s signature, a delicious concoction featuring frozen margarita layered with home-made frozen sangria. The tasty layered treat is complemented with a single pink flamingo, just like the birds seen not far from the border, helping to make this drink the classic it was born to be.

Taste the perfect blend; order a Swirl at your favorite Uncle Julio’s >