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Signature Salsa

Just the Right Amount of Spice

Guests at Uncle Julio’s begin their dining experience with complimentary chips and the unique signature salsa, the same recipe used since the founding of Uncle Julio’s.

The salsa at Uncle Julio’s is made fresh daily with only the best ingredients. The tomatoes, onions and jalapeños are roasted over an open flame to seal in that signature smoky Uncle Julio’s flavor in every taste, while fresh cilantro and a special blend of spices complete a uniquely border-style recipe.

In utilizing only the best ingredients, Uncle Julio’s lets its food shine without being too hot or spicy. “Salsa,” the Spanish term for sauce, was used by the original Mexican cooks as a relish or condiment, much like Americans use salt. The authentic flavor of the food prevails — and taste buds are left tantalized, ready for more authentic, border-style fare.

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